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We build and deploy infrastructure so your team can focus on your product. The infrastructure is fully controllable and customizable to fit your needs.

Build deploy and infrastructure environments.
Set up multiple environments like production and development in separate AWS accounts.
Customize stacks specifically for your needs.
Explain the nuts and bolts of how the stack works giving you the power and control.
Scale beyond PAAS solutions, transitioning you to a dedicated AWS Cloud account.
Re-architect and rebuild AWS infrastructure that is makeshift and made sense for an earlier part of a company’s history.
Secure and harden security groups and network setup.
Lay down the VPC and network topology with room to grow in the future.
Identify bottlenecks in infrastructure and help to resolve them.
Educate and train engineers on best practices, architecture, and ecosystem.
Surface the polish of AWS so companies do not have to deal with the AWS plumbing.
Provide ops support for engineering teams with developer minded focus.

What folks say about us

Jack is really cool and useful while also making it so easy to start using EB. Thank you for updating the build and for the detailed instructions, it just took me under 10 minutes to set everything up initially for it – I'm shocked at how simple it was. 


Startup Small Business DevOps Consulting
$12K flat $24K flat Retainer based
Up and running in 2 weeks Up and running in 4 weeks Timeline: Project dependent
  • AutoScaling and Highly Available
  • Save on you bill by going to AWS directly
  • Automated Deploys: Faster releases
  • Monitoring: Faster diagnostics
  • Security: Protect your systems
  • Official Support
  • Multiple Environments: Production and Staging
  • AutoScaling and Highly Available
  • Save on you bill by going to AWS directly
  • Automated Deploys: Faster releases
  • Monitoring: Faster diagnostics
  • Security: Protect your systems
  • Official Support
  • Cloud strategy: Action plan
  • Hybrid architectures: Extend on-prem into the Cloud
  • Automated Pipelines: Faster releases
  • DevOps Automation: Tooling for efficiency
  • Serverless: Manage no servers
  • Security and compliance
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How do I know the stack is scalable?
The BoltOps stack is built from using years of experience from running one of the largest media sites in the world. We wish there were a way to learn how to scale a site from school, books or a conference. We'd gladly pay for it. But you must learn it from experience. The blood, sweat, and tears from years of experience are built into the BoltOps stack. The stack is an AutoScaling stack that can grow and shrink on-demand depending on the traffic levels. Unless your application code has a slow bug (like an infinite loop) the stack provides a highly scalable foundation.
How do I know the stack is robust?
TThe stack has been designed with AWS best practices to ensure that it is robust even in the result of an AWS Availability Zone (AZ) data center failure. The components are spread across multiple AZs to ensure that in the event of an AWS data center outage, your application continues to run. AutoScaling will launch servers in the available AZ if the other AZ goes down.
How do I know the stack is secure?
The BoltOps stack's VPC design is based on industry best practices and AWS documentation. The VPC has a private and public subnet space to provide more security over resources that do not need to be on a publicly accessible network. A bastion jump host is provided, so ssh access is controlled through a single audit point. The IAM users and roles are set up with best practices, and MFA is set up on your root AWS account. KMS to used to store secrets and are encrypted with AES256 standards. Refer to our Security and Compliance page for more information.
Can the stack be customized?
Yes, the stack is extremely customizable. The BoltOps stack is simply a set of components that will be a good fit for most companies. We understand that everyone has different needs and no single stack can accomplish all of them. The great news is that stack has been built from the ground up so we know how every component works and can tailor the stack to your needs. We are happy to provide you a quote for customization.
How does BoltOps design the VPC Network?
The VPC network design is based on experience and best practices. We recommended private and public subnets to allow for better security controls at the network level. A bastion host is set up to provide a single access and audit point. The VPC contains a minimum 2 AZs ensure high availability. You can learn more about how we design in our VPC Design page.
Why not Heroku?
Heroku is fantastic, but every SAAS always has some inherent constraints. Some Heroku constraints are control, customization, debugging ssh ability, security, performance, and cost. These increasingly become a factor when your app starts to scale. With the BoltOps stack, you pay AWS directly and skip Heroku as the middleman. Heroku’s cost overhead can easily be 5x. Being directly on AWS gives you more control, is more cost effective, and you get better performance. You get these benefits with the BoltOps stack.
What is unique about the BoltOps stack?
The BoltOps infrastructure stack is a lightweight set of best practices, tools, and conventions built on top of AWS. There is less maintenance overhead with our stack because we leverage the gigantic shoulders of AWS. Our software stack philosophy is covered in detail in this BoltOps Tooling and Software Design Philosophy post. This is a reason why we are confident that we can provide you world-class infrastructure and support at a fraction of the cost.
Should I consider support?
Infrastructure is software nowadays, and software is constantly changing. It's tough to keep up with all the changes. By subscribing to a support plan, we will handle the maintenance of the infrastructure for you. You also get hands-on ops support when you need it. AWS Support provides world-class support, but understandably, they will not ssh into the server with you. We will. We'll also hop into a Slack room with you and chat in real time. We are also happy to explain how the nuts and bolts work, so your engineering team gets stronger and better. More details on our support packages, including pricing, is available on Support Plans.
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