Making AWS Simple

Get world-class AWS infrastructure without the hassle. We live and breathe AWS and we have built many tools that prove it.

Ruby Serverless Framework.
AWS ECS docker deployment tool.
A CloudFormation framework tool that helps you build your CloudFormation templates.
Multi-functional tool to manage AWS infrastructure. A swiss army knife with a variety of uses.
Tool to manage AWS Elastic Beanstalk environments.
The tools are specific to AWS to fully leverage AWS features. Visit the bolts toolbelt page to learn about the easy installer. Learn more about: BoltOps Tooling and Software Design Philosophy.

What folks say about us

BoltOps helped us get 5x improvement out of our systems and allowed us to cut our environment size in half! They worked great with our developers to target bottlenecks, understand our environment and help us implement solutions. BoltOps paid for themselves in only a few months. They are a great partner and we are glad to know they have an eye on our environment!


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We build and deploy infrastructure so your team can focus on your product:

Scale beyond PAAS solutions, transitioning you to a dedicated AWS Cloud account.
Set up multiple environments like production and development in separate AWS accounts.
Explain the nuts and bolts of how the stack works giving you the power and control.
Educate and train engineers on best practices, architecture, and ecosystem.
Re-architect and upgrade AWS infrastructure that is legacy and made sense for an earlier part of a company’s history.
Secure and harden security groups and network setup.
Lay down the VPC and network topology with room to grow in the future.
Set up monitoring for faster diagnostics.
Set up AutoScaling and highly available architectures.
Education and Training DevOps Consulting
  • Cloud strategy action plan.
  • Save 60%-90% of your AWS bill with spot instances.
  • Customized infrastructure that fits your needs.
  • Highly available setup.
  • Hybrid architectures: Extend on-prem into the Cloud.
  • Automated Pipelines: Faster releases.
  • Security and compliance: Protect your systems.
minimum 40 hours retainer minimum 80 hours retainer


We're happy to help. Give us a call (415) 484-8839 or send us a message.

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