Infrastructure Done Right

We believe that DevOps is one of the most highly leveraged ways to help engineering teams be successful. When done right, it is a great enabler. When done wrong, it completely drags down productivity. We want to see it done right. We believe infrastructure built properly makes everyone happier: Developers, Ops, Frontend, Backend, Designers, Product, Managers. Everyone is happier because everything moves faster.


Tung Nguyen

Founder and President

Tung started BoltOps to provide cloud infrastructure solutions for companies. Tung has been on the AWS Cloud for over a decade. Tung is a veteran software engineer with a focus on highly available, scalable and cost-effective applications. He works with clients solve their infrastructure needs. He helps train, educates and support them for the long haul. Tung is passionate about technology that increases a team’s productivity. He enjoys writing tools written several: lono, ufo, sonic, jack, to name a few.

Before starting BoltOps, Tung was the VP of Engineering at Bleacher Report. He was the first employee hired. Tung scaled Bleacher Report from an obscure website pulling in 50k uniques a month to a household name and one of the largest sports site in the world. He built and led the engineering team from startup to acquisition. Tung does a little bit of everything. Tung has run and led the Backend teams, QA teams, and Ops teams.  Ultimately, Tung is a developer at heart, which is why people catch him coding late at night. He is passionate about DevOps infrastructure and has written several open source tools: jets, ufo, lono, sonic, jack, to name a few.

He was a use-case speaker in the early days of Docker at the DockerCon keynote. Tung finds blogging therapeutic and writes about Docker, ECS, and AWS on his Nuts and Bolts blog. He also creates video tutorials on his YouTube channel. Tung enjoys working with AWS because of its flexibility and power. For companies interested in AWS, he is happy to help them get started. He’s honored to be named an AWS Container Hero.

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