What is the BoltOps stack?
The BoltOps stack provides a solid foundation for your infrastructure. It contains a set of best practices, conventions, and lightweight tools that enables us to spin up fully customizable environments rapidly. Apps are immediately deployable to it. This saves you a ton of time from figuring it all out, which is fun, but time probably better spent on building product. The stack enables you to pay AWS directly and save a substantial amount of money - no PAAS cost overhead to be paid. This can be a great fit for most businesses.
How much work goes into the BoltOps stack?
A substantial amount of work has been invested on the BoltOps stack to save you time. Years of experience from running complicated and large-scale systems goes into the stack. We also constantly improve and update the stack as the AWS Cloud changes.
Will I be required to use BoltOps in the future?
No. The BoltOps infrastructure is designed with zero lock-in into BoltOps. We believe that customers should be empowered to decide what is best for them and then it is up to us to prove that we are the best fit for them.
Can the stack be customized?
Yes, the stack is versatile and customizable. The BoltOps stack contains set of components that are a good fit for 80% of use cases. Everyone has different needs, and no single stack can accomplish all of them. The great news is that since the stack is built from the ground up, every component can be tailored to your needs. We are happy to provide you a quote for any customizations you would like.
How do I know the stack is scalable?
The BoltOps stack is based on years of experience. It is based on the blood, sweat, and tears from running one of the largest sites in the world. The stack is an elastic stack that can grow and shrink on-demand based on your traffic levels. Unless your application code has a slow bug (like an infinite loop) the stack provides a highly scalable foundation.
How do I know the stack is robust?
The stack has been designed with AWS best practices to ensure that it is robust. Components are spread across multiple Availability Zones and with AutoScaling to ensure that your application hums along smoothly regardless of data center failures.
How do I know the stack is secure?
The BoltOps stack follows best security practices. The VPC has private and public subnets to secure resources that do not require public network connectivity. A bastion jump host is built-in, so ssh access goes through a single auditable point. The IAM users and roles are set up with strong password policies, and MFA is set up on your root AWS account. KMS to used to store secrets and are encrypted with AES256 standards. Refer to our Security and Compliance page for even more information.
How does BoltOps design the VPC Network?
The VPC network design is based on experience and best practices. Private and public subnets are used for better security controls at the network level. A bastion host is set up to provide a single access and audit point. The VPC contains a minimum of 2 AZs to ensure high availability. You can learn more about how we design it in our VPC Design page.
Why not a PAAS?
PAAS providers are fantastic, but every PAAS always has some inherent constraints. Some PAAS constraints are control, customization, debugging ssh ability, security, performance, and cost. These increasingly become a factor when your app starts to scale. With the BoltOps stack, you pay AWS directly and skip the PAAS as the middleman. The overhead cost of a PAAS can easily be 5x. By being directly on AWS, you get more control, save money, and get better performance. You get these benefits with the BoltOps stack.
What is unique about the BoltOps stack?
The BoltOps infrastructure stack is a lightweight set of best practices, tools, and conventions built on top of AWS. There is less maintenance overhead with the stack because we leverage the gigantic shoulders of AWS. Our software philosophy results in a long-term "light-touch" solution and is covered in detail in this BoltOps Tooling and Software Design Philosophy post. This approach is a reason why we are confident that we can provide you world-class infrastructure and support at a fraction of the cost.
What is a BoltOps support subscription?
A BoltOps support subscription is an optional managed support plan to have BoltOps as your infrastructure support staff. You do not always need infrastructure support, but when you do need it, it can save you a ton of time. It is especially great to have someone who can jump in to help who knows your infrastructure well. More details on our support packages, including pricing, is available on Support Plans.
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