Infrastructure as Code:

Configure. Deploy. Run.

Infrastructure as Code

The code is already built. Just configure, deploy, and run. You get 100% of the source code. Use the same code for development and production environments. Customize more if needed. You don't have to start from scratch.

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Continuously tested


The infrastructure code is automatically tested on a daily basis with real resources. This ensures that the Terraform modules and CloudFormation templates stay robust.

How Does BoltOps Pro Compare?

DIY Consultancy
BoltOps Pro
Starting Point From square one From square one A head start with powerful tools and customizable infrastructure code. Extend them to your specific business requirements
Time 3-12 months (inconsistent) 3-12 months (inconsistent) About a day
Costs $15k-30k/mo
(2 engineers)
(2 consultants $150-250/hr)
Docs and Test None None Docs by engineers for engineers. Test build runs automatically
Maintenance None None Software upgrades, security updates, maintenance updates incorporating new features from the cloud
Support None None Commercially supported
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ecs spot architecture

You also get the Highly Available ECS Spot architecture.

Spot Costs

With the ECS Spot Architecture Blueprint, you'll also get 50-90% savings over
On-Demand instance pricing. The value grows as you grow.

Say your EC2 instance bill is $20k/mo.
Going spot can save you $16k/mo or $192k/year.

Boltops Pro plans

AWS Pro Plan

$995 /month
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AWS Pro with Setup Plan

$995 /month
+ $4,995 one-time fee
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Pro with Support Plan

PRO with Support Plan
$4,995 /month
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The BoltOps Advantage