We have built and mantain tools that are running production AWS workloads. The Bolts Toolbelt packages the commonly tools in a convienent standalone installer. Visit the toolbelt installation page for setup instructions.


This is a ruby template DSL that generates CloudFormation templates. The DSL looks kind of like the chef template resource. I've spoken about it at an AWS local meetup and so have others.


Ufo is a simple tool that makes building and shipping Docker containers to AWS ECS super easy. This blog post provides an introduction to the tool: Ufo - Build Docker Containers and Ship Them to AWS ECS. This presentation covers ufo also: Ufo Ship on AWS ECS.


Tool to manage ElasticBeanstalk environments. Tool provides a nice diff preview of changes that will be applied to the ElasticBeanstalk environment.


Another ruby DSL that can be used to declaratively define node.json attributes for chef-solo runs. This allows us to codify the "dna" or "rna" of the server.


A tool to deploy code to a single server from github with one simple command: chap deploy. It is heavily based on Capistrano and solves a specific problem for using the same deploy script and hook for both chef and Capistrano.


A generator script that creates a starter Thor cli project.

guard-cloudformation, guard-rna, guard-lono

A few guard plugins for some of the projects above.