Tech Stack

We believe in a common sense and low future maintenance approach. We leverage and build on top of giant shoulders like AWS. This results in a light-touch tech stack with lower maintenance down the road where everyone wins.

BoltOps Tools

Over time we have written tools for infrastructure. These tools are open source and speed up delivery of infrastructure.

Lono CloudFormation Framework

Lono is a CloudFormation framework tool that helps you build your CloudFormation templates and manage the entire CloudFormation stack lifecyle. It helps you craft the templates and takes you all the way to the final infrastructure provisioning step.


Easy way to build and ship docker images to AWS ECS. Ufo is a tool that makes building and shipping Docker containers to AWS ECS super easy. At a basic level, ufo builds the docker container image, registers that image to ECS as a task definition, and then deploys that task definition to ECS by updating the service. Ufo provides a ufo ship command that deploys your code to ECS.

Sonic Screwdriver

Multi-functional tool to manage AWS infrastructure. Sonic Screwdriver is a multi-functional tool to manage AWS infrastructure. It's a swiss army knife type of tool and has a variety of uses. Mainly it's focus is to automate mundane repetitive tasks into simple one line commands. With it you are able to debug environments and issues quickly.


Manage your AWS Elastic Beanstalk Jack environments easily. Jack is a tool to manage AWS Elastic Beanstalk environments. Jack is a wrapper tool around the aws eb cli3 tool. Jack allows you to create environments using the saved template configuration file generated by eb config save. Jack moves these generated config file to the jack/cfg folder of your project and manages the config files from there.

Tools of the Trade

We are well versed in the ops tools of the trade.

Tech tools

Standard Example Stack

The baseline tech stack which can be customized for your needs.

  • AWS - CloudFormation, AutoScaling, RDS, KMS, we leverage as much AWS as possible.
  • Tooling - Most of the tooling is written in ruby and some is in go.
  • Continuous Integration - We use CodeClimate to as the CI provider. We also set up Jenkins depending on the needs.
  • Chef - We run chef cookbooks or other configuration management frameworks depending on the needs.
  • Docker - We use Docker on top of ECS or Kubes depending on the needs.