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7-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Your credit card gets charged at the time of checkout.
  • Processing order typically takes a few minutes.
  • GitHub access is also granted in a few minutes.
  • Important: If you cancel after the 7-day money back period and before the yearly commitment ends, you will be charged a cancellation fee equaling to the remaining year commitment. You will continue to have access to BoltOps Pro until end of the year commitment.
  • Support Plan: Covers pro repos only. For custom blueprints contact us.
  • Support Overages: Overage rate is $350/hr.
  • One-time setup fee: If you have elected to purchase the one-time Setup add-on, then the 7-Day Money back guarantee does not apply.
  • The Terms allows BoltOps subscription usage for your company only.
  • If you wish to resell BoltOps Pro Subscriptions, please contact us.
  • The annual contract does not apply to Add-Ons.
  • Add-Ons can be added and removed each month.