Step 1Sit Down and Listen

Our first job is to sit down and listen to you. We spend time with you to understand the challenges and problems you would like to solve. We understand your current architecture and how you would like the architecture to be in the future. We learn as much as we can about the problem and then use that knowledge to craft a solution that fits for you.

Too much work to walk us through it? No problem! Simply give us read only access and we will map it out for you.

Step 2Proposal for Your Approval

We formulate a plan to help with your Cloud strategy. The plan lays down a step by step list of how we will solve your infrastructure challenges. We outline how we intend to improve the security, scalability, availability of your infrastructure. We discuss the pros and cons of the plan and work with you to prioritize the project goals.

Step 3Implement and Review

We work in iterative 2 week sprint phases to deliver high quality infrastructure. We implement the plan and continuously deliver updates to get your feedback. Feedback is an integral part of the agile process to make sure we are going down the right track. We repeat this process as we iterate allowing you to evaluate the progress.

Step 4Complete and Support

We repeat the steps above until the foundational part of the project goals are completed.

We are proud and confident in the infrastructure we build for you. We will continue to proudly support you as long as you would like. We provide infrastructure maintenance, ops support, on-call availability and help with future upgrades. We provide operational support to fit your needs.

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